Cartegory: Electrical
Date Published: 2020-03-04 08:00:20

Gate motor allows you to enter your property without getting out of the car.A clear advantage when its raining or late at night.An electric gate is an entrace which can be opened and closed via a remote control.

Automatic driveway gate is a great decoration for your property. Installing Gate motor will change the face of your property.Adding classic,modern look to your home or any building.


Gate motors come with a battery backup,meaning that the motor will carry on operating if even there is no electricity supply or outage in your area.


(1) Add beauty to your property.

Automatic gates are very attractive,and increase the value of your property.

(2) Convenience

With manual gates,you have to get off the car to open the gate,NOT with automatic gates.You dont have to be mindful of getting off the car to open the gate.Just imagine the joy of being able to open your gate from the comfort of your car seat regardless of the weather!

(3) Durability

Sliding gates are built to withstand any type of weather related conditions.

(4) Safety

You create boundaries for your pets and children and avoid severe results and dangers that may create harm.

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