Electric Motors Installation and Maintenance

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Date Published: 2020-03-29 08:58:52

An Electric motor converts Electrical energy into machnical,the opposite of generators. Electrical motors are widely used in domestic,commercial and industrial applications.

Electric motors power variable speed drives and transmissions and couplings, such as brick making machine, pumps, fans, compressed air systems, machine tools, Rolling Mills, Elevators. Motors are widely used in manufacturing, food processing and refineries and many more.

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If you have some few minutes, Lates take you through different types of Electric motors and their applications.

Different types of motors are available that have been developed for different specific purposes. Motors can be classified into DC, AC and Special motors.

Applications Of Different Types Of DC Motors

1. Series Motors
The series motors are used in cranes, vacuum cleaner, traction system, sewing machine and air compressors etc.

2. Shunt Motors
Different applications of DC shunt motor are in conveyors, lifts, centrifugal pumps, spinning machines, fans, lathe machines, blowers, weaving machines.

3. Compound Motors
Compound motors are used generally in shears, conveyors, presses, heavy planners, rolling mills, elevators.

Applications Of Different Types Of AC Motors

Used in a large variety of applications, alternating current (AC) motors are low-cost and high-efficiency mechanisms. Consisting of a copper wounded stator that is magnetically driven and a rotor mechanism, AC motors offer a simple design. Various types and categories of AC motors have applications wherever electrical appliances are utilized, from heavy industrial to household environments.

1. Synchronous Motors
Used in high-precision drill machines and similar devices, synchronous AC motors find their major applications in areas where accuracy is important. Some of them are electromechanical robots, timers, speed controllers, clocks, metering pumps, and other industrial processes.

2. Induction Motors
These are the most common types of AC motors used in daily life processes. Induction motors are mainly used in kitchen appliances, water pumps, automobiles, fans and air conditioners and in common industrial machinery like compressors and boiler pumps.

3. Linear Motors
Compared to the conventional AC motors, linear AC motors are quite different in terms of functional and operational characteristics. Linear AC motors are widely used in roller coasters, monorails, ground-based rails, magnetic levitation lines, and similar transportation machinery.

4. Adjustable Speed Motors
Applicable in cargo pumps, electrical power plants, marine and land machinery, and water cooling equipments.

5. Universal Motors
Useful in a wide range of applications like commercial drill machines, high-power engineering, railway traction mechanisms, vacuum cleaners, dryers, industrial and kitchen blenders, and trimmers.

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