Communication and Data Cabling

Cartegory: ICT
Date Published: 2021-03-15 01:25:20

A communication cable is an electrical cable used to send information signals and is most commonly found as coaxial, fiber optic, data & ethernet, and twisted wire pairs.

Some of the communication cable types we install are :

✅High speed data transmission cables

✅Ethernet, coaxial, networking wires and cables

✅Telephone cables

✅Fiber optic cables

✅CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 6 & 6A cables

✅Outside plant telephone cable, including direct and underground

✅Sound, security & fire alarm wire and cable, including shielded and unshielded.

Our tenured, knowledgeable staff is available to work with you to select the best wire and cable for your customers’ applications. We are technically trained and experts in communications wire and cable and have in-depth knowledge of our product line, to help you meet your needs.

Contact Us today for all your Communication and Data Cabling. With BLUE SKY TECHNOLOGIES LTD, you are assured of quality.

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